Circles Concierge


Circles Concierge, a key component of Sodexo’s Quality of Life service offering, specializes in providing employee concierge and business support services tailored to solve for a variety of organizational objectives, such as improving employee productivity, satisfaction, recruitment and the overall workplace experience.  The concierge and personal assistant programs are designed to make the lives of employees easier by providing them with access to a range of lifestyle services, which provides ease and efficiency throughout multiple touch points during their day.

Circles provides access to a team of personal assistants 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The service is accessible via onsite staff, phone, email, website, chat or SMS text. The program supports employees with a broad range of requests from travel booking and dining reservations to product research and home contractor suggestions.


Within the above product offerings, Circles can deliver on a wide variety of services to employees.  We work closely with our clients to identify, promote and implement the most impactful and relevant services based on industry, program goals and overall employee demographic.  




“Circles has been a strategic partner for nearly 10 years.  They are able to continually add-value to the service they deliver and have a relentless desire to provide world-class service in everything they do.  The results for our organization have been immeasurable and we look forward to building on our relationship for the next 10 years with them.”
- Director of Benefits, Biogen

“Circles is the perfect strategic partner and supports key initiatives that we try to develop and implement to achieve our human capital goals like improving employee retention and overall brand loyalty.  Circles concierge provides CGG with a new stream of amenity services for the campus including eliminating personal-time consuming tasks such as dry cleaning, errands, car washing, gift wrapping, etc.”
- VP of Facility Operations, CGG Veritas

“Concierge is a key differentiator of our overall employee experience…. Circles has been an incredibly valuable partner of ours and we look forward to working with them to launch additional servicing innovations that further enhance our overall employee and guest experience”
- VP of Marketing and Communications, Meridian Health System