finHealth helps large self-insured companies “Simplify & Control Healthcare Costs”. Through a robust web-based platform, finHealth delivers powerful data analytics to reduce healthcare costs by detecting errors and overpayments in the billing process, as well as identifying charges far in excess of market value.


finHealth’s primary mission is to “Simplify & Control Healthcare Costs” for large self-insured plans and their employees.  Through our robust web-based platform finHealth Navigator, we deliver in real-time, powerful data analytics to reduce healthcare costs and promote healthy outcomes.  Savings on annual healthcare spend is achievable through a combination of industry best practices, benchmarking, cost transparency, and proprietary algorithms that flag billing errors not currently being captured by the third-party administrator (TPA). 


All self-insured companies for healthcare in the United States


Since this is a new concept, our clients are not referenceable at this time.  We have singed 8 contracts with companies ranging from 5K employees to 60K employees.  These companies are in varying stages of data collection, data processing, historical audit in progress and live auditing with real-time data feeds.


CIO Applications Healthcare Technology issue named finHealth as one of their top 25 solution provider for 2017.