Living As A Leader

Founded in 2002, Living As A Leader is a leadership training, coaching and consulting firm based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Supporting leaders at all levels, Living As A Leader uses a unique combination of training, coaching and success assurances to develop people into highly effective, productive leaders. To achieve long-term sustainability, we employ a steady-progress-over-time process, further enhanced by the use of mobile learning technology.

With our comprehensive Leadership Development System as the foundation, we align the leadership development design for each client with the unique nuances of culture, budget and competing priorities. Living As A Leader also offers Train-the-Trainer Certification for the Leadership Development System, for both in-house corporate trainers and leadership development consultants.

More than 500 organizations across the country have chosen to partner with Living As A Leader because of our common-sense solutions that develop intentional individual leaders, as well as corporate leadership cultures. For more information, visit





I chose Living As A Leader as my leadership development partner because their steady-progress-over-time approach makes sense and has been proven to change people and companies in demanding, no-nonsense industries such as ours. The combination of workshops, coaching and success assurances is a unique offering in the marketplace that ensures consistent acquisition of new skills in a reliable and manageable way. The moment I saw what Living As A Leader had to offer, I knew they were the right fit for us.
- Kent Wrenn, Global Learning and Development Director, Burgess-Norton Manufacturing, Co. Inc.

We learned about Living As A Leader via the Irrigation team a couple of years ago. After hearing their overwhelmingly positive feedback from all levels, we started working with Living As A Leader ourselves. Immediately after our first coaching sessions, we saw positive changes, including an opened dialogue and more positive interactions in the office. Short term, the Living As A Leader Leadership Development System is helping us to be more intentional with the difficult conversations on performance, expectations and accountability. Long term, I see the System helping us to modify our culture to be more receptive to being held accountable and along with that, having clearer communications on expectations. I also see the skills taught from Living As A Leader being a talent identification tool, so that we recruit, on-board and develop talented leaders.
- Bob Gillen, VP Global Operations, Valmont Industries, Inc.

Our company contemplated partnering with Living As A Leader for over a year before we decided to invest in our entire leadership team with onsite facilitation and coaching. The leadership tools that our leaders have already implemented - at work and at home - are yielding immediate results and their enthusiasm about their growth is energizing for everyone around them. I love that Living As A Leader’s values align with the values that we strive for every day at Frontida. Our investment has communicated to our team that we care about them, in turn they are showing their teams that they care - the effect is transforming our culture.
- Crystal Miller, President, Frontida